Hickory Dickory Dock & Happily Ever After

Language Arts, Grade Pre-K, American English

A Readiness Program with Children’s Literature at Its Heart

Hickory Dickory Dock™ & Happily Ever After™ are readiness programs designed to give three- and four-year-old children the foundation they need to be successful when they begin formal reading instruction. Well-known, beautifully illustrated nursery rhymes and selections of children’s literature are the basis of the 10 units in each program. Here’s why it works:

  • Motivation is key to children’s success.
  • Early reading skills are most effectively taught when integrated with the other language arts.
  • Explicit instruction supports children at every step.
  • A multimodal approach engages all children.
Hickory Dickory Dock™ & Happily Ever After™ teach a rich curriculum of early literacy skills, focusing on four areas:

  • Oral language and vocabulary
  • Listening skills
  • Direction-following
  • Fine motor skills

Hickory Dickory Dock™ & Happily Ever After™ provide classroom material for approximately 45 minutes each day.

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