academic services


Our academic development services are specifically designed to cater for the needs of English Language Teachers in Colombia. We offer workshops and talks based on the most solid and up-to-date research and practice in the field of ELT.

  • Introduction to UDP printed and digital materials
  • Basic Notions on ELT
  • Learning Diversity in the EFL Classroom
  • Teachers as Classroom Managers
  • Measuring Progress and Understanding
  • An Overview to the CLIL Approach
  • New Conceptions on Bilingualism
  • Key Tips for Curriculum Design
  • Teaching English to Preschoolers: A Big Challenge
  • Effective Classroom Language
  • Developing and improving skills in the EFL classroom
  • Project Work: Meaningful learning in the EFL classroom
  • Assessment and Evaluation for EFL teachers
Berlitz English Courses

In partnership with Berlitz, University of Dayton offers virtual courses of English that make possible autonomous learning.

Dynamic tools and exclusive contents open a whole new world of possibilities for learning this foreign language.

The platform is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the program is oriented from the very beginning so the participants’ objectives can be successfully reached.

British Council Aptis

In partnership with the British Council, University of Dayton Publishing offers Aptis, an innovative English assessment tool designed to identify standards of English. Aptis can be used to assess ability in all four English language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. It can also be used to test just one or two skills, such as reading and listening (combined with the grammar and vocabulary component).

Test Components  Length Items or Tasks
Grammar and Vocabulary  30 mins 60
Speaking  13 mins 5
Writing  40 mins 3
Listening  40 mins 28 +/-4
Reading  25 mins 4
Universidad de La Sabana: The University Comes to School

In partnership with Universidad de la Sabana, University of Dayton Publishing offers 10 different talks which contribute to teacher development. These talks are given in schools by teachers from Universidad de La Sabana.

Skills development

  • Reflective teaching
  • Technology-based teaching and learning
  • Bilingualism and language policies
  • CLIL Approach
  • Cooperative learning
  • Evaluation
  • Pronunciation
  • Teaching for understanding
  • Curricular design